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Welcome to NOAH 


NOAH pastors

Pastor Bob & Amber Deppisch

Years ago as we traveled to Northern Ontario we noticed that many groups have leaders who are bi-vocational (not full-time Pastors) and not a lot of training in the bible. We at NOAH want to help provide resources (equipment, etc.) teaching, support, and fellowship for these leaders and people of the North.


Grace Family Church

The original building dates from  1938 as a Catholic Church called “Holy Trinity”. When we purchased the building in 2013 the name was changed to Grace Family Church. We have offered an ‘Out of the Elements’ Program; serving breakfast & lunch to the poor as well as a Food Bank (Bi-weekly).

The Pastors

Amber and Bob were born in Northern Ontario, married for 41 years, have four adult children, five grandchildren, and pastoring Grace Family Church in Sudbury, Ontario.

Bob worked in Federal Corrections as a Chaplain, guard, and supervisor; working with sexual offenders and violent offenders mostly.  Amber is trained in the Mental Health and Addiction fields.

Pastor Bob & Amber Deppisch

 Aims and Values

It’s our heart’s desire to reflect Christ’s love and generosity to our local community and to Northern Ontario.